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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Need Some New Outdoor Lighting Ideas?

It is always a good idea to start a outdoor lighting project with proper planning. For your next project, you might need some unique outdoor lighting ideas. Although you don’t have to think of something brand new that has never been done before, you do want to use something that is fresh and unique for your yard. Hopefully, you will find some outdoor lighting ideas in this article that will spark some creativity.

Almost anything that you can think of has already been done in landscaping. You may want to look at what other people have done with their outdoor lighting and then use that to stimulate your own ideas and creativity. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something that is unique to your yard. The layout of your yard may provide you with an opportunity to do something that is a bit different from anything else. But, the basic principles of landscaping apply to everyone.

Use What You Already Have

In addition to using proven ideas, don’t be afraid to use what you already have in your landscape. Although you will no doubt need to purchase some lighting fixtures and other equipment, you can illuminate the existing features in your yard such as shrubs, trees, and other objects before you need to plant anything new.


For your first lighting project, a good place to start is with silhouette lighting or backlighting. If you have an interesting object in your yard, such as a large tree or fountain, consider lighting it from behind for a dramatic silhouette effect. To do this you will need to place a low power light directly behind the figure to highlight it and create the silhouette.


Another great lighting idea is downlighting. The way to create downlighting is to place a light on a high point such as a tree, post, or wall, and point it down on an object. This will create an interesting type of “moonlight” effect. You can also use different colored lights or filters with the downlighting fixtures to provoke different moods and lighting textures.

Group Lighting

Finally, rather than lighting as a single unit, think about lighting your garden areas in groups. Lay out your garden in a grid and light individual parts at a time. By treating garden area as its own individual section, you can highlight notable features and give the area exactly what it needs to look great.

Led Lighting in The Garage

Awesome Benefits of Upgrading to Led Lighting in The Garage

There was a time when incandescent light bulb was popular and widely used by the customers. These types of bulbs are manufactured in wide ranges depending upon on the voltage ratings, which range from 1.5 volts to 300 volts. The most common area for the uses for this bulb is cars, household, factory etc. But, despite its popularity I had its own drawbacks. First and the most important one is it doesn’t allow saving as they are expensive compared to other light bulbs also the different lighting color options were not given to the customers. However, with the change in time and advancement in the technology the scenario has change with a period of time. Now a days people’s taste in blub and lights is shifted from incandescent bulb to Led lights.

What is LED light?

Led (light-emitting diode) are made from material gallium arsenide phosphide and it is semi-conducting in nature. The ranges of colors available in Led lights are diverse. Here the current is passed in one direction only unlike traditional blubs. It helps save electricity.

Benefits of Led light


The most significant advantage of led lights is its long lasting use and stretched life spam. The average led light can last from 50,000 to 1,00,000 operating hours. The life span of led light is 40 times more compared to incandescent bulb.

Energy Efficient

Led lights have become so much popular in a short period of time because of its ability to consume less amount of power. Unlike traditional light like incandescent bulb which consumes high amount of energy.


The most hazardous fact about light is emission of heat. However, led light barely emits heat. Whereas the incandescent bulb converts 90 percent of the energy into heat. And only 10 percent of the energy is used for light. Therefore, Led light are safer for the use.

Small physical space

biggest reason for Led light being widely used in computers circuits to traffic light is there small physical form. Its small size makes it possible for use in any electrical appliances without any problem.

Very low voltage

Due to its operation on very low voltage current is most favorable for outdoor lightings. It can work on less current but this doesn’t change its effect or its brightness.

Safe for the Environment

Led lights does not harm environment in any way. Traditional lights contains mercury inside the bulb with requires special attention and also affect its life spam. No such problem of mercury exists in Led lights.

The most common function of Led lights is to spread brightness by beating darkness. And when it comes to darkness what can be darker than a Garage. Every household have garage where they store their excess things which are not used frequently or things which are used frequently.

Since garage are always located in one of the corners of the house it requires light so that one can easily go through it and see what he/she is looking for. And when it comes to lighting what’s better than led lights. The traditional lights are not good enough for the garage and there are number of benefits of upgrading to LED lighting in the garage.

Benefits of upgrading to LED lighting in the garage

Garage as soon as the word is mentioned the image of darkness is formed in our mind because garage is always congested in space and situated at one corner or in the basement of the house where lighting is mandatory. Some of the most important things are stored in garage it can be anything. If traditional bulb is used in the garage not only it will provide less brightness also it will result in using of more power and emission of heat by the blub which is not safer to environment. However, if the traditional bulb is changed with Led lights then all these problem of light, power and environment is solved. Led bulb will provide the sufficient among of brightness which help in saving time, as things are vivid and can be easily be located. Not only it will help in easy recoginsation of things it will also help in making way for the person as he/she will she more clearly and avoid obstacles in the path. Some of the best Led garage lights are Hyperikon LED high Bay Light Fixtue, French May Linkable LED Garage Light, Prime Lights T8 LED HighBay Lights etc.

Therefore, if you want your garage to shine bright like a diamond then switches from traditional lights to LED lights. Now only your garage which will shine along with it you will save energy and protect the environment.

energy efficient lighting

Energy Efficiency in Indoor Lighting

Having an energy efficient lighting plan in your home is very important. Energy efficient lighting design focuses on quality and efficiency lighting. With an energy efficient home lighting plan, you can reduce your electricity consumption, which saves money; more importantly, energy efficient lighting yields a positive impact on the environment. One study found that if we reduce our electricity use, we could lessen the carbon dioxide emission of power stations. Think of the impact we could have on the environment if we do everything we can to reduce our electricity use. One way of lessening electricity consumption is by using compact fluorescent light (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) bulbs with indoor lighting and outdoor lighting fixtures. ;

CFLs last up to ten times longer than incandescent lights, and they are three to four times more efficient. They can be used in table lamps, track lighting, recessed lighting fixtures, ceiling light fixtures, and most other lighting fixtures that use an incandescent light. One concern for CFL lighting is the use of mercury during manufacture, thus proper disposal or recycling should be followed. Although initially expensive, you can save money in the long run, because CFLs use about one-third electricity and they last longer than the usual incandescent light.

LED lighting lasts up to ten times longer than CFL, and far longer than typical incandescent lights. They do not cause heat buildup and no mercury is used in manufacturing LEDs. Although they are expensive, their cost effectiveness is measured in the long run. They use only 2-10 watts of electricity and they last for years, cutting down maintenance and replacement costs. Indoor lighting that makes use of LED bulbs use up to 85% less energy than incandescent lighting fixtures, and up to 50% than CFL light fixtures. Read More

Solar garden lights


Solar garden lights definitely are a real innovation.  Because they make use of solar energy, which is eco-friendly and energy efficient, it makes them the preferred choice in lighting your outdoor area.  They are 80 times more energy efficient than regular incandescent lights, an attribute that helps you to save on your energy bills and also helps the environment.  However, all of this information is useless if you do not know how to buy them.  This will guide you through the process of doing so properly so you get the results you want.

Where to buy solar garden lights?

Outdoor solar lights are generally sold at hardware stores, home improvement stores and lighting stores.  The best thing to do is to locate a few different suppliers of these types of lights.  After having secured a number of stores, it is then up to you to go through and compare prices.  By carrying out these comparisons, you put yourself in a good position to find cheap alternatives to save yourself some money or to find the cheapest price on the solar lights you truly want.  You can also buy solar garden lights online, and this is a great way to see a large variety of lights and to compare solar garden light prices, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.  This is also a great way to compare features, and on some websites, you can even read reviews about different types of solar lighting.

How many solar lighting fixtures should you buy?

One important point to keep in mind is that in general, solar garden lights are usually dimmer than standard incandescent lights.  As a result, you should make up your mind as to the number of lights you are going to buy based on that knowledge.  Depending on the amount of lighting you need, you can choose to either buy more of just one kind of light style, or to buy a couple of different types of solar lights that can be mixed and matched throughout your garden.  However, if you just buy a limited number of solar lighting fixtures based on the same assumptions you would make if you were buying electrically powered lighting, you might be disappointed when you notice that the solar lights are not as bright as you wished. Read More

Garden decor lighting


Your garden decor is just as important to the overall look of your home as your interior decor.  Whether your garden is small, medium sized, or large, you can make it look beautiful and can turn your front yard, backyard or garden into a pleasant place to spend time in.  While it may take a bit of time and work to make your garden look great and to maintain it properly, it is well worth the investment of your effort in the long run.

The first thing to consider when it comes to garden decor is what types of flowers and plants you want to plant and where they will go.  Many people plant different flowers to bloom at different times of the year, so that color and interest is maintained all season long.  While some people really enjoy gardening and like getting down in the dirt planting seeds, you do not actually have to do this to have a nice looking flowerbed.  Instead, as most people do, you can buy the plants from a nursery or home improvement store and plant them either as seedlings or larger plants.  This saves time and work for people who are busy but would still like to have beds filled with beautiful flowers and plants.

Garden lighting is another important aspect of not only your garden decor, but the security of your home as well.  No matter what kind of garden lights you choose, make sure they are bright enough to keep your home well lit, but not too bright to be an eyesore.  There are a number of different kinds of outside lights that you can choose from.  Some are stake lights that can be driven into the ground, others are wall lights that are put up on the outside of your house, and still others can be hung from posts (like lantern lights) or strung from trees or a garden gazebo (like string lights).  Many people opt for solar lighting for their garden lights, and these are not only beautiful to look at but will save you from having a large electricity bill, too.  You can get different styles of solar lighting depending on what ‘look’ you want your garden to have, since most types of garden lighting now come in solar form. Read More

landscape lighting


A beautiful home requires lighting on the outside as well as on the inside.  To properly light your grounds, you need to have some landscape lighting, which comes in many forms and styles.

Solar powered landscape lighting can be a very economical way to light the outside of your home.  This type of lighting consists of sensors that are charged by sunlight during the day and will then turn on at night without the use of electricity.  The lights will automatically detect the proper time to come on in the evening and will shut off when daylight approaches.  And solar landscape lights can be very attractive along with being an inexpensive way to light your grounds.  You will also be doing your part to help the planet.  And, they won’t affect your electrical bill!

You can also opt for low voltage landscape lighting, which is easy to install because it does not require a licensed professional to install regular electrical wiring.  Most of these types of lights come in landscape lighting kits with everything you need to get your lights installed and working properly.  Of course, you can also choose to have regular electrical-powered landscape lighting installed throughout various areas of your landscaping and around the exterior of your home, if you prefer.

Your outdoor lighting can consist of lights for your walkway, post lamps at the end of the walkway, and lights that circle the perimeter of your home.  You may want to have spotlights or flood lights in certain areas, such as over the garage and at the corners of the house.  And a pendant light can hang on your porch to illuminate the area by your front door.  Lights situated throughout your landscaping, either in flower beds or pointing up at interesting trees or bushes, are another way to add interest to your landscaping and can make a big impact on the outside look of your home. Read More



We have all been hearing about “green lighting” in recent times, and most of us agree that eco-friendly lights and appliances are a great idea.  Unfortunately, getting started can be confusing and over-whelming because we are not sure what the best energy efficient choices are, what types of effects our lighting choices have on the interior and exterior look of our home, and where to use certain types of lighting.  It does not have to be so confusing if you are equipped with some information and a few good tips about where to start.

Let’s begin with what we are already familiar with.  Regular, old-fashioned light bulbs are called incandescent light bulbs.  They can produce the exact type and color of light that we are all used to living with and seeing on a daily basis.  Incandescent bulbs also create a lot of heat and actually only use about 20% of the energy they consume to produce light.  In a home with many rooms and a lot of lighting needs, both indoors and out, it is easy to see how expensive and energy inefficient this can become.

CFLs, or compact florescent lights, are the current answer to many lighting needs.  We often think of florescent bulbs as those long tubes that hung from school and office ceilings and produced harsh, flickering light and made a terrible buzzing sound.  They also took forever to turn on once the switch was thrown. But, compact florescent bulbs have come a long way in just a few years, and new improvements and better ideas are appearing almost daily. Read More

garden edging ideas

Landscape Edging Ideas That Will Transform Your Garden

Have you always wanted a beautiful garden in your property? For many people, the thought of a beautiful house conjure up images of a well taken care of garden in front of the house, and white picket fences around it. Of course, aside from enhancing the appearance of your house, such a garden also adds value to your property. With proper garden edging, you can create a spectacular garden that can turn out to be a hangout area too. You can host barbecues and outdoor parties, and can also enjoy some quiet time with a nice book and a steaming cup of coffee! Sounds good? Take a look at the following garden edging ideas that will make you feel even better!

Brick Edging:

When you talk about landscape edging, many would suggest brick edging since this is the most common edging style. It is widely available, fairly inexpensive, and it also gives your garden a classic touch! Such a landscape designs requires obtaining bricks forced jointly securely with out causing almost any place among. To make certain that the sidewalk won’t heave or turn into uneven, you have to put the bricks on the bed connected with fine sand. Many people also place the bricks right above the soil so that it can be used as a mowing strip.

Cast Concrete Edging:

Concrete edging saves you the trouble of mowing, or at least lessens the space for mowing! The serpentine shape of the concrete edging creates a narrow winding path that leads up to your doorway. Uneven landscapes need to be made even for the path to have a smooth transition. When choosing the tiles on the path, you can combine different shades of tiles to create a unique look. Read More

Garden Improvements: Reasons to add Garden Water Features, Garden Lights and others

When a homeowner decides that they want to make improvements to their home and garden areas, they normally have a specific reason for making the changes that they desire. The specific reasons are important since the owners will need a plan that they can work from instead of aimlessly changing some key areas, while leaving others the same. In fact, the entire process can be very frustration if they start this project without deciding what they want to accomplish and how much they are prepared to pay. Therefore, for those who are considering making changes but do not which direction that they want to take, here are two of the top reasons for starting home and gardening improvements.

Garden and Home Improvements Increases the Value

Sometimes a homeowner has made a decision to sell their homes and they want to get the best price that they can. So, they may decide to do some major improvements on both the inside and the outside of their home. While some people may start major projects in the inside of the home, others may decide to start their updates on the outside. The time of the year, however, usually dictates which changes will be made first. For instance, if the season that the gardening changes are being made in the summer, the owner may choose to start home and garden improvements on the outside so that the weather will remain pleasant until the work is complete. On the other hand, if the season that the gardening changes are being made are in the winter time, the owner may initiate the main projects on the inside instead. The actual timing is left up to the owner and their preferences. Regardless to the timing, the main goal for all modifications is increasing the overall value of the home. This said, small changes may not affect the value of the home. However, when the owner makes major changes, the price may also increase substantially according to the value and the amount that is being invested. Read More