Neuschwanstein Castle

It’s interesting to read about the guy who built it: [Ludwig II of Bavaria]( >He succeeded to the throne aged only 18. Two years later Bavaria was effectively subjugated by Prussia, and subsequently absorbed into the German Empire. Ludwig remained King of Bavaria, but

Oak Timber Living Room

Some municipalities require sprinklers in new construction as part of their fire code. Source: I am involved in the construction of new homes.

Shower Room

This design does nothing for me. The protruding rocks around the fireplace are an eyesore. The kitchen is bland, so the matching microwave and felt(?) chairs are the first things I noticed. The office is oddly placed and cramped. I’m impartial with the lounge

Joseph Sinnott Mansion. Rosemont, Pennsylvania

The copper and the sand tones are beautiful together aren’t they? I think that is why the stark red & white flowers seem so out of place. The landscaping should be something that complements the copper patina. I am also fairly certain that if


The coffee table is incredible and I totally agree with the column. I love star wars, too, but I’m not sure I would go full nerd like this with such a beautiful space. Still, I’m almost sold by the synergy between half of the

Beautiful cabin night near Mt. Hood, OR

There are a few ways. Assuming you’re shooting on a tripod, you can take another exposure with highlights properly exposed and blend it by hand. You can use HDR/fusion software to combine bracketed frames. For the exposure you’ve got, post processing programs available today

Kelly Oxford’s vintage mid-century office

| Component | Cost | |:———–|:———–| | [Woodland Writing Desk – Solid Natural Walnut finish]( | $1249.00 | [Eurostyle – Baird Low Back Office Chair – Mustard Yellow]( | $310.00 | 2x [Phillips Collection – Ribbed Stool]( | $372.50ea | [ARTERIORS Home – Jana

Tula House – BC, Canada

This is Quadra Island– [Here’s an idea of property prices.]( There aren’t any cities around for hours but there’s a short ferry ride to Campbell River which has most of what people need.

Concrete and Trees

The Risks are mainly financial and ignorance. You need to set aside money to enlarge the holes in the ceiling and floors on a regular basis and be prepared to pay more for home insurance when you buy a house with trees growing thru

Ski Dream House In Utah!

Some interesting facts: * Average price per night: $16,500 (£10,978) !! (wow!) * 6 Bedrooms * 10 bathrooms * 2 living / recreational areas * après ski area * gourmet kitchen with breakfast bar * fitness center – * around 4,500 square feet of

Indoor Pool

It’s a [thermogenic]( fan specifically made for indoor pools. The idea originally dates back to roman times, although today they use copper plated blades to help reduce the [hydroaquatic]( properties of the humid air. [Source: I design high end indoor pools.](

a 9 Million Apartment

As the TMZ article states, this is in the Walker Tower development. Its basically a redevelopment of an old Art Deco building that was used by Verizon for a number of years. While the location is a bit “eh” in my opinion, the views

Stunning Gothic Revival “Addams Family” home in Sinclairsville, NY yesterday

[Second Empire architecture]( was most popular from 1865 to 1880. Victorian house architecture hit its climax with [Queen Anne style](, which was most popular from 1880 to 1910, and is noted for a lot of gingerbread woodwork. Both styles make excellent settings for horror

Nice use of stone & wrought iron

My personal reaction: “Gack, that’s tacky and busy as hell.” But my whore-reality: I’m working on remodeling a roughly 2 million dollar house, and I’m going to copy a bunch of stuff from that (though there isn’t room for a stair like that… as

Waking up to Ocean views

IBC 2012 – [2406.4 Hazardous locations.]( > The locations specified in Sections 2406.4.1 through 2406.4.7 shall be considered specific hazardous locations requiring safety glazing materials. > > 2406.4.1 Glazing in doors. > Glazing in all fixed and operable panels of swinging, sliding, and bifold

Take a bath 1400 feet above New York City.

Reminds me a bit of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. They have a spa/gym locker room near the top of one of the buildings with baths built against massive windows overlooking the city. Tried to find photos, because it’s truly stunning, but I

Living Room with Loft

You’re right about the ceiling being dirty and I have no clue why that isn’t already cleaned up but everything else looks pretty clean and new. Personally, I think it’s a pretty neat room that’d feel good to be in. Very open and lots
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