Top 1000 Cabin Pictures

Winter cabin GIF with animated smoke

I apologize for not having a source or location for this cabin. The image came from browsing imgur and karmadecay search came up with 0 results. If anyone has any info, please feel free to post here.

Emigrant, Montana.

Based on the amount of solar/solar-thermal those windows are probably designed for passive solar more then they are for a view.

The Forest Hut, Girdwood, Alaska

Well, compared to the Finnish model they’re quite a lot harsher, and the police has way more resources. Here you can get less than five years in jail for possessing 40kg of cannabis. Well, it’s soon legal everywhere in USA though so that’s a

Natural Windows

No idea of the location but I believe the picture source of this pic is [the website of this builder](

“The home’s most stunning feature; an entire wall of windows salvaged from abandoned houses and estate sales around the country”

> *Built in West Virginia by photographer [Nick Olson]( and designer [Lilah Horwitz]( in a few months for $500 on family-owned land.* **Video:** [HalfCutTea Documentary]( (+ [behind the scenes]( **Photos + Article:** [Houzz](

The Solvay Hut in Switzerland

Oh shoot, I totally missed the length going up to her belt, all I thought it was the length on the ground. It’s kind of deceptive if you just glance at it youll see what I mean.

Nahahum Cabin, North of Cashmere, Washington

Don’t know what the price is, not OP. That said, between $250k and 700k in Mazama washington right now, for a nice location with similar physical characteristics. The Methow valley is very nice country.,pf_pt/15699_rid/featured_sort/48.653949,-120.357542,48.556216,-120.51959_rect/12_zm/