Top 1000 Cabin Pictures

Tiny and Stout

That would likely be the most time consuming small house you could ever hope to build. I love the way it looks, but couldn’t afford the years to get it complete.

The Abbot Pass alpine hut is nestled its namesake pass on the continental divide near Lake Louise, Alberta. It was built in 1922, and sits at 2,925metres, making it the second-highest permanent structure in Canada. It can be rented-out as a staging point for attempts on the nearby peaks.

Amen on that! I only spent one summer working at the Chateau, but it’s a few months I’ll never forget. I was particularly lucky in that my dorm balcony had the perfect view down the lake, but I also made good use of my

Cleverly designed rural retreat

>The façade, roof and interior are made with larch timber – a strong and durable wood – and a “burn and stain” technique on the exterior wood-cladding means longer-lasting life. I’m not familiar with larch but apparently its wildly used to build homes in

My new cabin on Lake Lanier, Georgia

Wow! I absolutely love Lake Lanier! I go every spring to row in the John Hunter regatta – it’s one of my favorites! This year we had absolutely gorgeous weather, that place is fantastic! I’m very jealous 🙂

Vestmann Island, Iceland.

It’s not a residential house, it’s a museum. Well, it’s actually the oldest residential house on the island, but it was refurbished as a museum for the town decades ago.

A Hexagon cabin

Pretty similar to a Finnish kota, or grilling ‘cabin’. Usually they have a grill/fireplace combo in the center with benches all the way around. Should be able to find plans easily online. The more traditional ones are built with stripped logs, this one looks

Cabin Porn. Florida style.

From what I understand not many people know this place exists due to its location (kind of located in an industrial area). I went to an event with friends & we were invited to the cabin to cool off in the springs….Was not expecting

In touch with nature in Norway

Looks like it’s one of seven buildings that make up a ‘hotel’ in the middle of a Norwegian forest.

My friend’s cabin. Mormon Lake, AZ.

I will be staying there a lot this summer so I will try to do some interior shots to try and mock real estate photographs when I am there next. It’s actually really neat they really stuck to the western, horseback and rancher themes

A small amazing little cabin deep in the woods

I don’t know – it doesn’t look so expensive to build, if you have the property and some friends. I don’t know what zoning / planning permission is like there, though. Here in the UK, I doubt if there’s anywhere within 100 miles or

Seaside Farm in Homer, Alaska

My guess, is that having lived in AK for quite some time, and looking at this pic, as well as knowing that area – is that it appears to be almost on a ridgeline or at least higher up the hill and decently close
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