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Solar garden lights


Solar garden lights definitely are a real innovation.  Because they make use of solar energy, which is eco-friendly and energy efficient, it makes them the preferred choice in lighting your outdoor area.  They are 80 times more energy efficient than regular incandescent lights, an attribute that helps you to save on your energy bills and also helps the environment.  However, all of this information is useless if you do not know how to buy them.  This will guide you through the process of doing so properly so you get the results you want.

Where to buy solar garden lights?

Outdoor solar lights are generally sold at hardware stores, home improvement stores and lighting stores.  The best thing to do is to locate a few different suppliers of these types of lights.  After having secured a number of stores, it is then up to you to go through and compare prices.  By carrying out these comparisons, you put yourself in a good position to find cheap alternatives to save yourself some money or to find the cheapest price on the solar lights you truly want.  You can also buy solar garden lights online, and this is a great way to see a large variety of lights and to compare solar garden light prices, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.  This is also a great way to compare features, and on some websites, you can even read reviews about different types of solar lighting.

How many solar lighting fixtures should you buy?

One important point to keep in mind is that in general, solar garden lights are usually dimmer than standard incandescent lights.  As a result, you should make up your mind as to the number of lights you are going to buy based on that knowledge.  Depending on the amount of lighting you need, you can choose to either buy more of just one kind of light style, or to buy a couple of different types of solar lights that can be mixed and matched throughout your garden.  However, if you just buy a limited number of solar lighting fixtures based on the same assumptions you would make if you were buying electrically powered lighting, you might be disappointed when you notice that the solar lights are not as bright as you wished. Read More

Garden decor lighting


Your garden decor is just as important to the overall look of your home as your interior decor.  Whether your garden is small, medium sized, or large, you can make it look beautiful and can turn your front yard, backyard or garden into a pleasant place to spend time in.  While it may take a bit of time and work to make your garden look great and to maintain it properly, it is well worth the investment of your effort in the long run.

The first thing to consider when it comes to garden decor is what types of flowers and plants you want to plant and where they will go.  Many people plant different flowers to bloom at different times of the year, so that color and interest is maintained all season long.  While some people really enjoy gardening and like getting down in the dirt planting seeds, you do not actually have to do this to have a nice looking flowerbed.  Instead, as most people do, you can buy the plants from a nursery or home improvement store and plant them either as seedlings or larger plants.  This saves time and work for people who are busy but would still like to have beds filled with beautiful flowers and plants.

Garden lighting is another important aspect of not only your garden decor, but the security of your home as well.  No matter what kind of garden lights you choose, make sure they are bright enough to keep your home well lit, but not too bright to be an eyesore.  There are a number of different kinds of outside lights that you can choose from.  Some are stake lights that can be driven into the ground, others are wall lights that are put up on the outside of your house, and still others can be hung from posts (like lantern lights) or strung from trees or a garden gazebo (like string lights).  Many people opt for solar lighting for their garden lights, and these are not only beautiful to look at but will save you from having a large electricity bill, too.  You can get different styles of solar lighting depending on what ‘look’ you want your garden to have, since most types of garden lighting now come in solar form. Read More

garden edging ideas

Landscape Edging Ideas That Will Transform Your Garden

Have you always wanted a beautiful garden in your property? For many people, the thought of a beautiful house conjure up images of a well taken care of garden in front of the house, and white picket fences around it. Of course, aside from enhancing the appearance of your house, such a garden also adds value to your property. With proper garden edging, you can create a spectacular garden that can turn out to be a hangout area too. You can host barbecues and outdoor parties, and can also enjoy some quiet time with a nice book and a steaming cup of coffee! Sounds good? Take a look at the following garden edging ideas that will make you feel even better!

Brick Edging:

When you talk about landscape edging, many would suggest brick edging since this is the most common edging style. It is widely available, fairly inexpensive, and it also gives your garden a classic touch! Such a landscape designs requires obtaining bricks forced jointly securely with out causing almost any place among. To make certain that the sidewalk won’t heave or turn into uneven, you have to put the bricks on the bed connected with fine sand. Many people also place the bricks right above the soil so that it can be used as a mowing strip.

Cast Concrete Edging:

Concrete edging saves you the trouble of mowing, or at least lessens the space for mowing! The serpentine shape of the concrete edging creates a narrow winding path that leads up to your doorway. Uneven landscapes need to be made even for the path to have a smooth transition. When choosing the tiles on the path, you can combine different shades of tiles to create a unique look. Read More

Garden Improvements: Reasons to add Garden Water Features, Garden Lights and others

When a homeowner decides that they want to make improvements to their home and garden areas, they normally have a specific reason for making the changes that they desire. The specific reasons are important since the owners will need a plan that they can work from instead of aimlessly changing some key areas, while leaving others the same. In fact, the entire process can be very frustration if they start this project without deciding what they want to accomplish and how much they are prepared to pay. Therefore, for those who are considering making changes but do not which direction that they want to take, here are two of the top reasons for starting home and gardening improvements.

Garden and Home Improvements Increases the Value

Sometimes a homeowner has made a decision to sell their homes and they want to get the best price that they can. So, they may decide to do some major improvements on both the inside and the outside of their home. While some people may start major projects in the inside of the home, others may decide to start their updates on the outside. The time of the year, however, usually dictates which changes will be made first. For instance, if the season that the gardening changes are being made in the summer, the owner may choose to start home and garden improvements on the outside so that the weather will remain pleasant until the work is complete. On the other hand, if the season that the gardening changes are being made are in the winter time, the owner may initiate the main projects on the inside instead. The actual timing is left up to the owner and their preferences. Regardless to the timing, the main goal for all modifications is increasing the overall value of the home. This said, small changes may not affect the value of the home. However, when the owner makes major changes, the price may also increase substantially according to the value and the amount that is being invested. Read More