Top 1000 House Pictures

Goldenhill House

So this is house in the county I live in… “Welcome to Goldenhill in Hampshire, England, a 20,000 square foot, 11 bedroom house set in 11 acres, including a summer house with aquarium, lake, canal, a triple garage with a 2 bedroom flat above,

Austrian Countryside

A private residence by Alexander Diem featuring a patterned timber facade. Here’s [an article by DesignBoom]( it.

100 year old villa at Frogner, Oslo.

If you take the train there you will drive past the US embassy also, big black building with lots of glass. I used to work in the area, but that was many years ago. The name Madserude allé just triggered my memory.

Castle Gogar outside Edinburgh.

[MORE PHOTOS]( It’s actually for sale, but the article convinced me I don’t want to buy it… I need a bigger castle.

Hobbiton in New Zealand!

The Hobbit holes are all mainly props. The doors open but only go in a foot or two. Bag End is much the same but it goes in a few extra feet so they could film shots from inside with the door opening. The

The largest home in Los Angeles

> 1)You are objectively right because other people would agree with you Nope >2)It is selfish to spend one’s own money on a house Nope >3)It is greedy, if you are relatively rich, to not spend your money on people who are poorer than

Luna2 Private Hotel

It’s not a render. Just a really good photo. Here’s the tripadvisor page of this villa:

House on a Hill. In Tazmania of All Places!!

> Tasmania. With a ‘s’, not a ‘z’. Sheesh. [I’m not Sorry.]( >Also… ease off the crayons and cocaine. There are houses in Tasmania, we are aware. First one in this Subreddit.

Treehouse in West Virginia

I can assure that in fact it does. Have you heard of the Summit Bechtel Reserve in WV? It is a newer facility owned by the Boy Scouts. On the site, this treehouse is a display of sustainability and eco-friendly engineering and architecture. Its

“The Castle on Lake Tahoe” $26m

[Here’s their backyard](… edit: [source](


You know, I can honestly say I would not want to live in this place. It feels like a hotel, not a house. Much like an upscale hotel, it’s filled with lots of nice expensive looking things, but it completely lacks any real warmth.