Top 1000 House Pictures

The Hamptons

Which boarding school is that?! I thought they mostly topped out at around $50k-60k. I just looked it up and Andover is $49k for boarding, so I can’t imagine what could be more than three times that.

“Cycle House” contemporary Seattle home

Given that it’s top of Mount Baker with views back toward Lake Washington, and it’s new construction, that seems about right… though it might go a bit lower than that. In most of Seattle, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a modern house like this

English Tudor mansion

When the Tudor style of building is used on a modern house, it is only ever fake. [Whattle and dorb]( is an obsolete as it invlolves building using sticks, dirt and poo. So that would make the house a mock Tudor mansion. This style

Odd House in Superior WI

This is the kind of shit I love to see. A real, residential home that isnt a mansion, something a little odd but with real style that could be in your own neighborhood. Great post.

$8.9 million view in Hawaii

That’s over on Hanalei Plantation Rd (Kauai North Shore), overlooking Hanalei Bay from the east side (near the St Regis Resort). Virtual tour at, the listing at, and a cheesy video (mute helps)

A beautiful estate from 1891 in Devon, PA

I mean, ever so slightly. It’s more so multiple exposures infused without tone mapping. It’s like an un-cartoony HDR. Also the lighting was just right, and it is the front yard of a $4m house, it was just all well maintained. Check out this

Mean Girls Movie Mansion For Sale: $14.8 Million

I’m not OP, but [here it is]( (Helptful tip: The easiest way to find a house listing from a picture is, using Google Chrome, right-click the image and select “Search Google for this image.” Usually the listing will either be the first result, or

The Mushroom House, Cincinnati, Ohio

Used to live down the street from this place growing up, drove by it a couple times a week. Once it was built a lot of people hated it, a lot of people thought it was funny, and most people thought it wasn’t done
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