Top 1000 House Pictures

Neuschwanstein Castle

It’s interesting to read about the guy who built it: [Ludwig II of Bavaria]( >He succeeded to the throne aged only 18. Two years later Bavaria was effectively subjugated by Prussia, and subsequently absorbed into the German Empire. Ludwig remained King of Bavaria, but

Joseph Sinnott Mansion. Rosemont, Pennsylvania

The copper and the sand tones are beautiful together aren’t they? I think that is why the stark red & white flowers seem so out of place. The landscaping should be something that complements the copper patina. I am also fairly certain that if

Ski Dream House In Utah!

Some interesting facts: * Average price per night: $16,500 (£10,978) !! (wow!) * 6 Bedrooms * 10 bathrooms * 2 living / recreational areas * après ski area * gourmet kitchen with breakfast bar * fitness center – * around 4,500 square feet of

Stunning Gothic Revival “Addams Family” home in Sinclairsville, NY yesterday

[Second Empire architecture]( was most popular from 1865 to 1880. Victorian house architecture hit its climax with [Queen Anne style](, which was most popular from 1880 to 1910, and is noted for a lot of gingerbread woodwork. Both styles make excellent settings for horror

Minnesota Log Home and Deck

It depends on which lake it’s on. Just a couple examples: [Lake Vermilion, 1600 sqft $575K]( [Cross Lake, 3000 sqft $2.35 M](

Surrey, UK.

I’m 100% certain its Coverwood house in Ewhurst. The whole area around it is absolutely stunning. There’s a farm just below it that holds events at its lake, covered in lilies with a stone veranda and wild flowers.

Hollywood Hills Mansion

Megan Ellison purchased this home a few months ago. I believe it was originally built by Merv Griffin.

Rastafarian house in San Andres Island

Holy shit I’ve been to San Andres. Crazy place, it’s a tiny island in the Caribbean surrounded by shipwrecks and little islands. The locals are pretty amazing, I watched them clear an entire parking lot by the airport to play stick ball because they

Lucien Moore House, Detroit Michigan built in 1885

When it was abadoned: View post on >Photographer Kevin Bauman started the 100 Abandoned Houses project roughly a decade ago. He began photographing abandonment in Detroit in the mid-90s. He said he always found it to be amazing, depressing and perplexing that a

Villa near Portofino, Italy

Indeed it is, thank for the info! Doesn’t seem to have an actual name, just that it is the castle in that village. Googling [castle Paraggi]( makes for some nice houseporn.

Parkersburg, WV

I love these old houses especially when they’re restored like this. With that said, I wouldn’t want to own it unless I could afford someone to come clean the windows from time to time. There’s about 20 windows on the front alone.
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