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1232 Sunset Plaza Dr

A kid I want to High School had a party here a while ago. Didn’t really believe it until he posted a video too. Apparently he is super rich now. View post on

Mansion in Laguna Hills, CA

man, i wanna see those bushes catch on fire soo bad. i’m sure it’s all engineered to be perfect, but what if the gardener was sick one week and BAM! wouldn’t cause any real damage, it’d just serve em right for having dry brush

Beautiful Mansion

> are rocks lining the pool It not just the rocks its the over done swoopy design of the pool with concrete steps at one end and fake rock at the other, the multi- layered (?!) patio/pool/sauna combo, the bits and pieces of partitioned

1201 Laurel Way Beverly Hills

Sold for 31 million. Three things that immediately came to mind when I saw the pictures. 1) Imagine being the landscapers who have to maintain the trees along the back wall. 2) Those cement blocks in the infinity edge pool look like an

ultra modern mansion

This is what I found with a quick image search:

Tricked Out $40 Million Oceanfront Estate In Hawaii

Wow, there’s some really weird design choices going on here. Like, the actual spaces seem kind of compact considering the price. Like that bedroom looking out over the entertainment area. With those windows closed, it would be very cramped. And the white window trim?

Welcoming Victorian House in Winter – Middletown, Delaware

**SOURCE:** [Jay Greene Photography]( > This Second Empire style victorian mansion, located in Middletown DE, was built in 1877 as the family home of Benjamin Biggs, Delaware’s 46th governor. It was designed to last many generations, but after 130 years, considerable neglect resulted in