Top 1000 House Pictures

Céline Dion’s Jupiter Island. If I had 62,5 million, I’d buy it.

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Lake como Italy

I visited this villa earlier today. They showed us a photo of how (once a year) the tree is trimmed. A couple of guys climb the tree from the bottom, then pop out at the top like Bilbo in that forest. They then trim

Poolside in Atherton, CA

Rectangular boxes are a lpt harder to build than you’d think. Any minor mistake really stands out. Now, a pile of house shit… that’s easy to build. Just dig a big hole and dump it in a pile and you got your typical traditional

Walter Towers

No! All images of it are renderings. I very much doubt that it is even structurally possible – the cantilevers are just too big. It’s a shame because it would be a beautiful building to walk around were it real.

Brookline Stone Mansion

Yes. This ones on Buckminster Dr, near the Brookline Hills T stop. You can see it on google maps if you search “60 Buckminster Drive, Brookline.” The property is estimated to be worth around $5 million.

Bowen Island BC Home With A Stunning View

Looks like an infinity pool. It’s designed so that the water fills up to the very brim, and overflows when people swim in it. It’s just for design reasons. Looks cooler. There’s something around the perimeter of the pool that collects the overflowed water.

Modernist Home in Cancún

I’m going to Cancun, actually Playa del carman this Sunday for 2 weeks, and the temp is 30 with humidity says “Feels like 40C” being from Vancouver, Canada, I’m worried. Can it be that bad this time of year? Am I doomed?

Awesome exterior and pool area

The house “[is situated between Noosa and Cooroy on the lake front of beautiful Lake Macdonald](”, Queensland, Australia.

The Lake Joseph Boathouse, Ontario CA

Personally, I’d just do the one smaller boat slip with the larger one becoming floorspace but leave the other garage door there anyways and extend the deck out in front of it. Build a bar on the far wall and open the door up

1232 Sunset Plaza Dr

A kid I want to High School had a party here a while ago. Didn’t really believe it until he posted a video too. Apparently he is super rich now. View post on

Mansion in Laguna Hills, CA

man, i wanna see those bushes catch on fire soo bad. i’m sure it’s all engineered to be perfect, but what if the gardener was sick one week and BAM! wouldn’t cause any real damage, it’d just serve em right for having dry brush

Beautiful Mansion

> are rocks lining the pool It not just the rocks its the over done swoopy design of the pool with concrete steps at one end and fake rock at the other, the multi- layered (?!) patio/pool/sauna combo, the bits and pieces of partitioned