Top 1000 House Pictures

The perfect lake home.

Just [googled it]( and it seems quite ok. And…don’t ruin my goals please, now it looks better in my mind, I don’t want it to be more expensive!

House Built Into A Hill In Ecuador

Yeah you definitely don’t get a lot of natural light in there, I’d imagine. For someone like me, that’s actually just a plus, but I can definitely understand why other people wouldn’t like it. You’re also restricted from accessing most of the walls and

Versace Mansion, South Beach, Florida

Colloquially, yes, it makes since for people to refer to the most famous or current owner. This house was built by a famous (for his time) person and had at least 60 years of being called either Casa Casuarina or The Amsterdam Palace before

Dynyrnne Curved House from Grand Designs Australia

Nope, that’s the King Island house, built on a sand dune (I’d love to know if it’s still there) source: This is the Dynnyrne Curved House: Also it’s Dynnyrne. 😀

Mural house on the shore of Lake Ontario

I like it but it’s not secluded enough for my taste. This guy is lucky enough to have on close neighbor. But as long as we’re in the realm of fantasy, I want my one close neighbor to be a little further down the

“Forest Edge” overlooking Geneva Lake in Wisconsin

[Found it]( Kinda weird long driveways.

The Batcheller Mansion – Saratoga Springs, NY

I have never been to Saratoga Springs, but [here is the Google Maps](https:[email protected],-73.7854578,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x8fd710e59bf1ee5c) to it. Also, I just found out that it’s now an Inn. I’m not sure if that defeats the spirit of this sub, as it’s technically not a home anymore.

Does anybody know where this is?

Fleur de Lys, Beverly Hills, CA *What has been called the most beautiful estate in America is also the most patient: owner Suzanne Saperstein has had this mind-boggling mansion on the block since 2007 and the price has not come down a cent from