Top 1000 House Pictures

Eddie Murphy’s old place

Info Eddy Murphy’s old place is up for sale. The house, located in Sacramento, California comes with 10 bedrooms (including a shrek-themed child room), 14 bathrooms (yes that’s more than 1 for every room), 4 wet-bars, tennis court, a gigantic swimming pool, and last

Alex Rodrigues $4.5m house

2 Things: 1.) If you meant “Alex Rodriguez’s”, as in the piece of shit Yankee cheater, then fuck that guy and his house. 2.) $4.5 Million and the front door opens up to the sidewalk, and not it downtown NYC or SF… 3.) Go

Angawi House in Jeddah

Here’s the [source]( if anyone wants to look at the entire place.

Longwood Mansion, Natchez, Mississippi

I’ve been there. What’s interesting about this house, in addition to the unusual style, is the fact that it was never finished. Ever since the civil war, the family lived in the basement, the only completed part of the house.

Casa del Sol, Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA

It’s funny because this picture doesn’t capture the true immensity of this home. It really gives some credence to the phrase “That house deserves it’s own zip code.” Here’s a couple of aerial views: [Pic 1]( [Pic 2](

An estate in Devon, PA built in 1891

You sure? Or maybe I’m just not describing it right – I’m referring to the transition point between rooms, where instead of a thin door jamb, it is several feet thick to create a mini passageway between rooms.

Little House Kennebunk

George Little was a Kennebunk native who made his fortune as a wholesale supplier of beef and grain in Indiana. Upon retirement he returned to Kennebunk and built this house. Why he chose to build a house as narrow as an urban row house

A traditional Russian beauty.

It’s called [pseudo-Russian style]( (or false-Russian style). That’s in fact a quite eclectic mix of elements of various origins, combined together in intention to build something that looks like it came from Russian fairy tales. Somewhat popular style in late 19/early 20 centuries.

Secluded Tampa Residence. (Album in Comments)

Here’s what I found: The house is about 10 years old. It was custom-designed and pre-cut by [Habitat Post & Beam](, which is located in Western Massachusetts. The house was then ferried in pieces to an island in Southern Florida. It was assembled at

Cozy lake house in Skaneatles, NY

I don’t know if this house is on Skaneateles – the one he redid on Skaneateles is on his website – ( – I have seen it from the lake, and it is modest compared to many of the ones along the adjacent shoreline.

The Black Desert House (more in comments)

> I’ve seen exactly one black house I’ve probably seen 4 or 5 in this subreddit alone. They are pretty common in design. Getting to 120 every now and then isn’t that hot, according to wiki summers are only a bit over 100, which

277 Davenport in Toronto

I don’t think it’ll be out of place, because modern buildings like these are inevitably going to expand from the shopping district that is very close by. But since it’s first of many condos to come in this neighborhood, it does not quite fit

Looking to Escape? To the Maldives? —

Sure you can, it just requires that you buy it from an agent who arranges that shit. Your ice cream will cost about $20 a pint, but you’ll get it frozen. If there is a market, there is a way to get stuff. Ice