Top 1000 House Pictures

A House On A Hill, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I don’t know much about different architecture styles but it’s definitely Victorian. I did some quick research on Moroccan house styles and it doesn’t really seem reminiscent of that, but I could be wrong. Also the only information I know about the house was

Brownstones New York

[This is just the first image that appears on Google image search when you search for ‘brownstones’.](

Lake House in Geneva Switzerland by SAOTA architects

more photos: source: >A contemporary residence and office / guest annex on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Powerful sculptural forms and lines and the use of bold colours and sheer materials result in a taut composition. Interiors by Antoni Associates.

Texas Mansion by Jauregui

Every time I look at these pictures I always wonder where people keep their real books. Every book on their shelves looks like it’s some encyclopedia or law book. Nothing looks like an average day to day book that I would read.

Habitat 67 (Montreal,Canada)

I think you actually have to live there to get used to the structure and the layout of windows and paths. I guess some like it and some hate it, Habitata 67 has an interesting structure nonetheless IMO

Beautiful modern home

The hill in the back looks to me like it could be a dune right off a beach and the open, window-y architecture seems well suited to entertaining in a hot place. (You can tell by the scenery that it’s someplace warm.) Between the

Hollis, NH

What specific features are you referring to? To me it looks like typical “McMansion” architecture in which features that are generally agreed upon by the masses as “nice” are stuck together haphazardly. Usually, architects don’t even design these homes, they’re designed by contractors/construction company.

Good location, not too many neighbors

Ladera Resort, St. Lucia. Google Image Search can do wonders for you (there is even a Firefox add-on).

Hollywood villa

Well. It’s definitely not Hollywood, California. [This link]( says it’s Hollywood Near The Beach, whatever that is, while [this link]( says it’s in Los Cabos, Mexico. Maybe the “Hollywood” name is for a development in Los Cabos? Either way, here’s a higher res [4000×2686]
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