Top 1000 Room Pictures

Living room and rolling hills

Both. Taxes aren’t the bulk of it though, loop holes and all. Plus with that much land you could probably get some conservation easements to ease the tax burden. General maintenance is where things start to get really expensive. You should know that the

University of Coimbra’s library

I’m a former student of this house (graduated last year). Indeed it lives to the expectations irl as well. This, along with some other UC chambers, are swarmed daily with tourists from all over the world. When we’re passing by wearing our special outfit,

Manhattan Living Room

This would be my fantasy room … it sort of reflects how I like to think I should be living. …then I remember the last time my toddler Son ate an orchid flower. The projectile vomit had a unique quality, like industrial glue but

Sauna raft

Have a look [here]( on their FB Doesn’t look too complex, but I’d decide on what flotation chamber sizes you can easily get then figure out how much weight it can support and work from there. I’d also suggest you keep in mind transporting

Composer Hans Zimmer’s Studio

As someone making a feeble attempt at doing what he does… it really is a lot of fun, once you have your own system or process. Then you think less about logistics and more about music. However, the road to get to his level

Treehouse Pod

Screens would help, a “full” sized cot and foam mattress that could be put in a mouse/bug proof container when not in use would help. I’d not be so worried about bugs (the first bird who found a meal would tell all his friends)

Modern kitchen from a chic apartment in Moscow

Americans don’t know much about the outside world so they have to run with the limited stereotypes at their disposal. Russia = vodka and dash camera footage. Now Crimea has come along you can be sure that that sucker is going to be milked

Taking a bath over looking mountains.

Sure, but unless it’s a very strangely designed house it’ll have some interior rooms or that face the other direction. My point is that there are *lots* of other things I’d rather do with that view. Honestly I think it’s a male/female thing. I

Amazing loft oriented around exterior greenery

I’ve worked on a number of interior shoots and while it’s possible this image is a cgi composite of some kind, I’d say it’s probably not. The lighting all looks pretty normal to me and I can see some light spill on the vertical

Your kitchen is ready Lord Vader

Actually there’s two versions: the plastic ones indoor/outdoor for around $300, and the polished fiberglass, for over $1,500. The ones in the pic look like the expensive kind. Link to expensive kind: [](

Outside In

Those plants are *embarrassingly* photoshopped. Yes, in the other photo too. The shot looking straight down that nook from the outside tells a bit more of an honest picture; the plants don’t really fill the space all the way like the shopped pictures make

Cozy Reading Lookout

My God, I’m so afraid of spiders the first thing I thought about was leaning against the left side & having a wood spider crawl on my shoulder. I love this space though & I would ignore my creepy thoughts to enjoy a great

Fun & Funky Tree House Interior

In the article it’s mentioned that “The 230 square-foot structure isn’t supported by any trees on the property (none were structurally sound enough), so the firm created “tree-like supporting posts” that rest on helical pier foundations carefully designed to mesh with the surrounding trees’

Minimal Kitchen in Maine

U..uhm.. I didn’t say they didn’t have any cabinets at all? 🙂 I said they had “shelves for glassware/plates instead of cabinets.” I can see that there are lower cabinets for storage, presumably being used for pots & pans, but they have what appears

Cabin Living Room with Loft

Definitely dig the placement of the ladder. Typically I see lofts and the ladder is at the front of the loft and that means a ladder will awkwardly be in the middle of the room at all times. This is a nice improvement.

9 Car Garage in Tokyo. Album in comments.

I have to admit, I honestly do not get most of the aspects of this design. The car lifter doesn’t go anywhere. All it does is lift a car (or, admittedly, whatever else) from the garage floor to an area of the next floor

Beautiful Stockholm Loft

Nice find, although I wish the pictures included a floor plan or some pictures to explain the layout a bit better. There seems to be 2 bathrooms, and stairs in the bedroom that appear not to lead anywhere? Great looking loft non the less,