Top 1000 Room Pictures

Beautiful Book Room with reading chair

[BOOKS = KNOWLEDGE = POWER = \(FORCE X DISTANCE^2\) ÷ TIME.]( basically Terry Pratchett Figured that all the librarys on his fictional world (diskworld) were connected to all the other book spaces with a wormhole called L-space Because it can be said that L-space

Bathroom in Transylvania.

The house is in [Târgu Mureș]( For those wanting a insight into a typical Transylvanian city, here are some history points: * The first recorded documentation of the city dates to 1332. It is mentioned in the papal registry under the Latin name Novum

How about this kitchen?

I have. Last I looked, it was 4-8 times more expensive than normal grout. Also, unless something is very smooth, it’s going to get grubby in a kitchen even if the grub doesn’t penetrate to stain. That means I still have to clean it

Hammock corner in a Tokyo townhouse

For the lazy: [More Pictures](

Overlooking San Francisco

Building a home is very expensive. When building, most people will use the cheapest materials, the cheap end of the labor that they can find, and they will cut as many corners as possible. Even with all that it is still incredibly expensive. Now

Open layout living room

Also, the majority of America (and the world) is untrained in the rules of classical architecture. Including me! But I ended up working in historic preservation/documentation, so that’s given me enough on-the-job experience to understand what is “correct” and what isn’t. One of my

London Flat

Further down the Wiki from the bit you quoted: >… none of Our Subjects, of any of Our Nations and Kingdoms shall from henceforth presume to carry the **Union Flag** in the Main top, or other part of any of their Ships (that is)

Bathroom with Wooden Bath

At first I also thought it was CGI, but after closer viewing of images on the website there are a few things that make me think that it isn’t. * You can see joins/seams between the wood grain, where the thin triangles of veneer

Bachelor apartment

Keith Smith was the most content man he knew. He sat on the subway, and stared down at his ash suit. The trousers had perfect creases down them and looked immaculate, but remained uninspiring. The crisp grey run of trouser leg marred by a

Cabin in the Woods

> Ferris Bueller’s Day Off [That house was elevated.]( That’s why the car was totaled.

Glass-Walled Guest House

Looks like corrugated fiberglass and, to me actually, plexiglass for the sides. So other than cost of materials, if you build yourself, not too bad. The cement foundation would cost the most. That could be about a $1 k. Maybe $2k. Cement is damned

San Francisco living room with a view

Of course they’re lived in. But they’re not going to leave their dirty socks on the floor the day the place is getting photographed. Edit to add: This also could be a staged home. Nobody currently living there, so they hire furniture to sell

Cabin Fever

Because I don’t really give a fuck where it’s located. The second question was rhetorical and an afterthought assumption. I’ve said this multiple times now, but you obviously have a reading comprehension problem. Lets review: >How much do giant cabins in remote places like

Contemporary bedroom looking out to sea

Amazing place, for anyone interested in more pictures there is a large downloadable zip file with high resolution pictures on the [‘Agent Resources’ page](