Top 1000 Room Pictures

Londons Natural History Museum in black & white

It’s pretty breathtaking. I was there on a moderately crowded day and everyone was trying to get this shot. What is equally as cool is the 15 ft diameter sequoia slice behind you when you stand here. The rings are labelled with major dates

Indoor pool with a swing inside a chalet

180.000 € per week. We were two families. It has 4 floors, 8 rooms, a movie theater with movies screening at moment, an elevator all dreessed in louis vouitton leather, 2 chefs, 2jacuzzis, the gym, a basement wirh a huge arcade, the pool with

A beautiful office view

There are plenty of freelance jobs out there that do not require you to be in a specific location. Although you can only get these kinds of homes with freelance jobs if you work hours more than others or if you’re very successful and

Room with a view

That house is for sale yet again, actually. Sorry for the ugly link. I’m on mobile and can’t remember how to format.

Bedroom with its own loft

[It’s a glass mosaic by Bisazza.]( You have to inquire for a price quote from that company, however [this website]( prices it at $2,668.

National Library of China, Beijing –

Sounds great untill you realize that to look good in a company you are supposed to work 12+ hours a day even though you are finished with what you do etc. Being at work seems more important than actually doing the work. Also Quote

Longwood Garden’s Green Wall

> I do have to comment that I hate photographers, though. Not all of them, just the ones that decide to set up tripods and take endless amounts of time composing photos during regular visiting hours, while blocking aisles with backpacks full of equipment,

What a great living space

I was also thinking I like it all except the chairs, only because they look uncomfortable and I really don’t like the look of the metal frames on them. But yes, god, they must look dreadful when filled with squidgy bum and thigh and

I really love this pool

I see a lot of posts here showcasing pools that are partially indoors or that are under a canopied area – I have to ask, how much more of an upfront cost would this pose if you were to design such a feature into

NYC Loft

I know this place. If I wasn’t on my phone I’d get a link, but this is 214 Lafayette in Manhattan. It’s a 5 story townhouse with an indoor pool on the first floor. I’m basically obsessed with it and can’t imagine how awesome

My San Francisco loft.

Sorry to crush you like that! I was born and raised in Los Angeles and was 15 minutes from the beach. There is an actual beach culture around all the beaches there. It’s much warmer and kind of what you imagine when you watch

Huge formal dining room

There’s a *need* for Versailles to be as tacky as it is. It is supposed to make you feel overwhelmed, awed by the opulence, and always noticing more minuscule details. It was the residence of a king who forced the nobility to depend on

Skyrim inspired Man Cave-Utah,USA

McMansion with literally no yard and right on the curb. Depending on where in the country this is, I could afford this on my $120k salary (source: I, too, have a McMansion – albeit in a private cul de sac with a whole quarter

Inside Out Bedroom

>Forget that, if his hobby or work involves music, an ipod ain’t jack. Vinyl just sounds a lot better. Re-read your comment. That’s an objective statement, not an opinion. An opinion would be, “I prefer vinyl, and maybe he does too. But there’s nothing

Living Room with Room for Trees

Am I the only one who finds this beautiful and not that unnecessarily exotic? 1. Technology (i.e. double paned glass) can prevent most heat loss 2. All windows facing outside can be curtained (voila! privacy) 3. The tree can still absorb ground water and
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