Top 1000 Room Pictures

Loft with second floor Library

I don’t know… I might be in the minority, but the black shelves, black balcony, black fence, wire, and staircase seem to absorb all the energy out of the white/off-white/beige/brown color scheme. I think the idea is great, but only if they could maybe

Carved stone tub at a luxury hotel in Marrakech.

Yeah, you’d have to know a native speaker and learn to copy them. Some are better at eliminating an American, English (or whatever origin) language’s inherent accent. I knew a native Moroccan speaker for 10 years or so and he was impressed with how

Room with a view of the Austrian Alps

There seems to be no storage space for kitchen ware or food. The living area is devoid of the typical things you would find in a living room. No bookshelves or plants. And this goes on. It looks more like a designer hotel room

I’d never leave this bathroom.

Why do people say things like this? “If I had enough money to have that house, I could afford a butler to fly in meals for me.” “If you can fly first class, you’re living off your investments and don’t need a job.” “If

Theater Room with indoor water fall

I’ve built a rock waterfall in my living room. It’s great. It’s terrible for listening to anything but a waterfall, though. I have a fish tank in the same room as my TV, and if the water level gets half an inch too low

Brazilian Apartment with awesome views

The quote in the photo translated from portuguese : On the top floor is more beautiful: the rooftop you see the sea. That’s where I want to live. The top floor is very far: if it costs a lot to get. But that’s where

Bachelor Pad

A kayak can be really hard to find a storage area for in the off season if you live in an apartment, mainly due to the length. When I wind up in an apartment next year, I’ll be specifically looking for a place with

An open floor plan

Oh my god I was about to comment that. I felt like I was looking at a hotel. Absolutely nothing unique or personal about this space. It’s so unoffensive and unassuming that it feels like a 4-star hotel lobby.

West Village Studio

LEED is about saving energy, not being comfortable. It’s also a fairly dumb system. I don’t know how it works for residential homes, since my firm designs schools and commercial buildings, but it’s a point system. You need a certain amount of points to

Our first apartment in Paris

That seems surprising to me, in which city are you living? I recently compared Austin to Paris, and Austin is around 18% cheaper as far as rent goes. [Groceries are wildly cheaper in Texas and local purchasing power in Austin is almost 50% higher

Non-Suicidal Garage Living Room

Make up air and BTU’s in your terms. The commercial hood pulls X amount of air out of the HVAC system has to dump X amount back in to keep the space balanced but also cool (since the heat load in the kitchen from

Beautiful Mexican home

Wow this designers need to learn how to edit. And also need to tell their clients that having a princess room is a total waste of money. Not because your kid wants a princess room today means she’ll want it two months from now…

Oak Timber Living Room

Some municipalities require sprinklers in new construction as part of their fire code. Source: I am involved in the construction of new homes.

Shower Room

This design does nothing for me. The protruding rocks around the fireplace are an eyesore. The kitchen is bland, so the matching microwave and felt(?) chairs are the first things I noticed. The office is oddly placed and cramped. I’m impartial with the lounge


The coffee table is incredible and I totally agree with the column. I love star wars, too, but I’m not sure I would go full nerd like this with such a beautiful space. Still, I’m almost sold by the synergy between half of the

Kelly Oxford’s vintage mid-century office

| Component | Cost | |:———–|:———–| | [Woodland Writing Desk – Solid Natural Walnut finish]( | $1249.00 | [Eurostyle – Baird Low Back Office Chair – Mustard Yellow]( | $310.00 | 2x [Phillips Collection – Ribbed Stool]( | $372.50ea | [ARTERIORS Home – Jana

Tula House – BC, Canada

This is Quadra Island– [Here’s an idea of property prices.]( There aren’t any cities around for hours but there’s a short ferry ride to Campbell River which has most of what people need.

Concrete and Trees

The Risks are mainly financial and ignorance. You need to set aside money to enlarge the holes in the ceiling and floors on a regular basis and be prepared to pay more for home insurance when you buy a house with trees growing thru
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