Top 1000 Room Pictures

A room with a Map Floor

i’ve always wanted something like this! in my mind the map is in a shallow (~6 inches) “hole” in the ground, is topographically accurate (how did you know i’m a geography teacher?!), and has little figure monuments for things like the great wall or

Indoor Pool

They’re Thunderbirds! I would make the bet that this house is somewhere in BC Canada, the Thunderbird is a very important animal in aboriginal art here – for example the mascot for the University of British Columbia is a Thunderbird

New concourse in the World Trade Center, NYC

Until you go to fly somewhere and are told you can’t because you’re on a list, or get hassled at customs re-entering the US, or get blackmailed with your search history if you run for office. Maybe not now, but what about in 50

Small kitchen with bold red color scheme

I disagree. Great modern designs of the 1920s still stand up today as icons of style. The [Barcelona chair](, and Le Cornusier’s [LC4 chaise longue]( were designed in the 1920s, are still being produced, are widely copied, and still look gorgeous. Frank Lloyd Wright’s

Living room over looking the ocean

Should have clarified – it appears to at least be a mosaic of multiple images stitched together. The perspectives are off, there’s varying levels of chromatic aberration on high contrast areas, the sky doesn’t match, there’s film grain in some parts but not others

Office turned motorcycle shop

There was no pre-emptive “learning,” really. But there was certainly a lot of learning during the process. I’m not a mechanic, and have no mechanical training or education. In fact, while I’ve never backed down from a mechanical job on any of my cars

A hotel in Santorini, too white?

Yeah, the poor mules hauling all those tourists up the trail. My wife and I had a very memorable ride up. The mule I was on did not want to go more than 100 feet before stopping. I would have to get off and

South African home with a view

Yes. Prices are more reasonable in the south, and you’re more likely get more value. The location is not overpriced such as areas in Sandton, but is still desirable. Some nice new developments happening there. Lowering my valuation to around the 10-17 mil Rand

Beams, beams and more beams

My house, American and only from 1693, was built from unseasoned hickory. I was told by the guy who helped us shore some bits of it up that it was done this way both deliberately and out of necessity. The house has no nails-

Living room with big windows from Burlingame Residence

Keep in mind that it’s in Burlingame, CA – the winter I lived in SV, it bottomed out around 50, which will feel completely fine with double-paned glass. Also, I vehemently disagree with “not really feeling inside” being an uncomfortable feeling; I find being

Please queue my bathing theme-music

There was so much money spent on this but I can’t help but feel that a few crucial details weren’t resolved. 1) The far left corner wall off the tub has a sort of “glitch in the matrix / add ‘interest’ because we don’t

Tiny eclectic bedroom

Sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude! It’s just that many American redditors are assuming that the radiator in picture is an electrical heater and I just wanted to clarify. I wasn’t addressing you guys negatively. When I lived in the States, I remember