Top 1000 Room Pictures

Midtown Phoenix Penthouse

I’m going to give you a completely honest response, because I feel I owe that to a fellow redditor. But please do remember that this is a friend response not what a realtor would tell you. Coronado does have crime. There are occasional bike

Outdoor Living Room in Mexico

While this is beautiful, and nothing quite makes my heart skip like a gorgeous outdoor living space – considering this as something you may someday enjoy requires so much upkeep and maintenance it absolutely kills the enjoyment on a daily basis. Living in Central

Centralized Fireplace

If people wanted to argue more, this is exactly what I was going to say. Your brainstem will alert you to a large hot object without even thinking about it. How far away it is, how hot it is, and how close you can

I love windows.

Wow. I looked at the picture and thought, “Man, that looks like lake Coeur d’Alene”. But I shrugged it off. A lot of lakes look like a lot of lakes, right? I grew up there and lived there for most of my life. I

Window Seat

[this] ( part of the Fisher house by Louis Kahn is all I can think of

Dining Room

It’s hard to tell what kind of tree it is. The architect’s site describes it as “willowy” but it is definitely not a willow, which would be a terrible choice anyway because they are messy, need tons of water and are generally short lived.

Desk with a View

Well don’t feel too bad. I’m 95% sure this is an office of a hedge fund or capital mangement company – maybe Pershing(?) at 888 Seventh avenue. So it’s a corporate office, not somebody’s den. Still a nice view. EDIT: i think i am

Cozy cabin reading room.

Bees aren’t aggressive, they’re often curious more then not, if a dude is flying around you he just’s curious why you smell the way you do, or why you have such bright colors, he wont sting unless he feels threatened; Wasps on the other

A simple modern loft

Well, the seventies stuff that I grew up with has made a comeback in this place. I love the room but what’s in it gives it an uncohesive look. I don’t mind the collections but I think that to see them they need to

Paris Opera House

What makes you think architects are in some dumbass conspiracy to deprive the world of ornate architecture? It’s expensive. Not on the design side, but because we don’t have the masons skilled in stone cutting (and more recently creating molds for terra cotta which

Forest Home, Idaho

Actually it isn’t too bad if there are some [solar furnace]( and you could [make it out of pop cans under $50.]( They could invest in making a regulator for temperature control electronically and make it looks good to look at. If done right,

A writing studio with library in rotunda loft – mic

This is pretty cool. It reminds me of WoW. The inscription trainer/vendor in Dalaran has a library like this, but much taller. ~~I had no idea what it was called.~~ Edit: rotunda is the wrong word. You would have better search results googling