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In sunny Spain

Agreed. I could spend a lovely vacation here. The minimalist stuff… looks like art that people don’t actually live in.

London Penthouse Living Room

The really high-end places aren’t so much designed for comfort as they are boosting the value of the property. When you’re wealthy, inflation is your worst enemy so you offset its impact on your fortune by making investments. Real estate is one of the

Home cinema

If you can’t tell the difference between $300 and $3000 speakers, either there is something off with your hearing (I don’t mean that as an insult), or someone was driving those $3000 speakers with a $30 amplifier. Putting anything in-front of speakers should be

Fancy living in a converted church?

Just because folks lament the lack of something that could be cool doesn’t mean that they are bad people. I mean, it’s absurd to bash anyone for looking at the world and saying “could there be more?”. The dig at the aboriginals isn’t cool.

Open concept circa 1935. recognize it?

I got to go there and visit a couple years ago. It was absolutely amazing and the place definitely has a vibe and aura of its own. Not pictured here, opposite the fireplace is a glass box on the floor that slides to open

Charming artist’s attic studio.

I know a couple non-Abstract-Expressionist painters who make horrible messes of their studios, but that’s mostly because they tend to work on both easel and wall-mounted canvas, like [this]( Not saying every artist is flinging paint everywhere, but with brush cleaning, paint mixing and

Arabian Tent

I’ve been in a tent that was almost exactly the same. It was at [WOMAD](, in the UK. They didn’t have the tables, but I’m sure they’d be able to find some if they were hired for a wedding or similar. The bedoin tent

Liveaboard barge in Paris

Well I won’t go into details about being underway, too much and mostly depends on what type of voyage you take. (work, travel, vacation) So I’ll just talk about why living on a barge sucks. For starters that room is all the personal space

Bedroom with a view

More images and info on the Chalet C7 in Portillo Chile by Nicolás Del Río & Máx Núñez from this Archdaily page: [](

Converted warehouse loft bedroom, San Francisco.

Yeah, I did a lot of scouring CL before I moved. In a nice $3000 3bdr in Ingleside, lease up in a couple months. I looked real hard around Potrero Hill/Dogpatch/etc. My ex-girlfriend has a 3.5 bedroom, 5-6 person warehouse-loft in Dogpatch for $7000-something.

I would love to cozy up in this sweet reading nook

My thoughts exactly. These reading nooks are very pretty, this one especially. However most of them are worthless because nobody is going to read in an uncomfortable reading nook! The first concern about design is how this space/item/product is going to be used and

Cave pool, Santorini, Greece.

A few places are as surreal as santorini. It’s better than any photo you will see. Recommend though June or September. July August are too hot and packed with tourists. Better early to mid June as island people are not exhausted by influx of

A stylish window

It’s the perspective. It’s hardly a house. It.s a pod-hotel in a tube which fits in a camping environment somehow. I can imagine the tube having been left around in the hills and someone putting it to good use. But I have a good

Spacious loft living area

I agree. The whole thing has a variety of styles of modern furniture that don’t necessarily work together. There are some cool elements that are cohesive, but there’s a lot of modern acrylic mixing with 50’s mod, a brutalist ceiling, and I think I

Back porch fireplace

Ugly as shit. What’s happening to this subreddit? First an ugly ass theater room and now this? It’s supposed to be about style and taste, not how much cultured stone your sales position at a car dealership can afford you in the suburbs. “I

Books, books and more books. A bookshelf wall

HA! There’s no such thing as an “impossible” amount of books in one’s flat. They can go under your bed, replace your chairs, insulate your walls… You can have a small upper platform for book storage, cabinets, fake partitions… I’ve been in small flats

First class seat in Emirates Airbus

Deleted? Weird… I can still see it. /u/Signoffish53 said “That and a sweet hj” /u/jorsiem said “That’s exactly what I was going to say but I changed it at the last second because the last time I made a slightly sexual joke in this
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