Top 1000 Room Pictures

Montana mountain lodge entryway.

Places like this are as rustic as a Hilton in downtown San Francisco. This house is most likely at the Yellowstone club, which is as far from rustic montana as you can get… Beluga caviar and kobe beef is not rustic Montana.

Living Vroom

So that’s a no? It’s the Lotus 49, one of the most iconic and successful Formula 1 cars of all time. Both [Jim Clark]( (widely considered to be one of, if not *the* greatest F1 driver ever to live) and [Graham Hill](, the only

Where I spend my workday

The woodwork and that table….! The juxtaposition of the metal desks and the wavy lines if the table and side chairs are lovely. Gives motion to the straight, hard lines. Breathtaking! Tell your bosses that they have an amazing eye! (The deer freak me

Penthouse Apartment Overlooking Belfast

You’re completely wrong. I’m 100% certain pcm stands for “per certified midwife.” This is a traditional Irish housing assessment based on predicted family growth within the next twelve (12) calendar months. Considering that only one midwife may be used per child per family, this

Does this count? An nice big city apartment!

I think a peninsula counter can solve this, somewhat. If the countertop extended towards that little brown table then there could be cupboards below and more prep space on top while leaving the top open (and possibly having a walkway space between the counter

Sound Mixing Suite in Franklin, TN

There are a *ton* of benefits to having an actual recording console. There’s this company called Neve, they make uhh, y’know, like, the type of recording consoles that will make people like me get a *feeling* in their pants. Literally. Like, I just felt

Great Backsplash

Totally not trying to be negative, just giving an aesthetic opinion: That room is way too busy for me. So many lines. I actually like many of the parts in themselves, but frankly it looks like a CF to me as-is. It’s the kind

Conteporary master bathroom La Jolla, California

Beautiful! I stalked the house in Google Maps, it has some [solar panels now](!q=5672+Dolphin+Pl%2C+La+Jolla%2C+CA+92037%2C+USA&data=!2m1!1e3!4m15!2m14!1m13!1s0x80dc03d4af068119%3A0xef65328fc08fc928!3m8!1m3!1d175!2d-117.272796!3d32.814535!3m2!1i1366!2i643!4f13.1!4m2!3d32.814395!4d-117.272961&fid=7), a Ferrari 458 and a Rolls-Royce Ghost [parked outside](!data=!1m8!1m3!1d3!2d-117.272796!3d32.814535!2m2!1f244.71!2f62.07!4f37.31!2m7!1e1!2m2!1sO_Yrpny68HscDYKVAKNIaw!2e0!5m2!1sO_Yrpny68HscDYKVAKNIaw!2e0&fid=5)

How do you like the view in this bedroom?

I really don’t see what’s impractical about this, though – it’s good design. Looks like Golden Ratio proportions for the window and pane, it’s framing a beautiful, rustic view with a sparseness that matches the interior perfectly – taking advantage of your surroundings that

Concrete and a dissolving pattern

The juxtaposition between new and old sometimes works very well in art, photography, and architecture/interior design. This photograph seems to be more of a standalone work of art than a traditional interior design photograph. Within the context of the photography, I really like the

Holy Library

On a whim, our daughter decided to try sorting our books by spine color. While it looked cool, it proved to be impossible to use. The though was, we could remember the book’s color so it would not pose too big an inconvenience. Wrong.

Inside Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi’s Home

I would suggest that wood needs to be compared to alternatives- natural gas is less polluting when it’s burned but it still contributes carbon and Nox. Cheap natural gas is also (largely) obtained through fracking which may impact our water table and has to

Green Balcony

Looks like a great product; thanks for the link. At first it seems like an odd choice to go with something so small and modular for such a large installation like the one in the photo… it looks like they have about 30 of

Indoor Pool

I know green water = algae, and typically in the pool industry algae = undesirable. But, why? We swim in lakes and oceans that are green from algae and it’s considered fine. As long as there’s 2ppm chlorine in the water, can’t we just

The Eames House interior

I’m not generally that crazy about the Eames’s aesthetic either, but this photo is about the architecture, not so much the interior design choices. This was fairly radical in its time – the lower cost rough construction materials used as is, the double height

Beautiful attic room with Cape Cod view.

The creaking is likely caused by the nails pulling in and out of their holes or missing the beams and rubbing on them. First of all check to see if all the nails are still there and replace/hammer in the ones which are loose

Doug + Bill’s by Bromley Caldari Architects

Yeah, I finally saw the sink you were talking about. It’s a vanity sink, so it will probably only be used for hand and face washing and maybe tooth brushing. Hopefully not much grime. Then again I think homes this fancy are expected to

Open to the elements

I’m just ***asking*** *how the floor would stand up to rain*, man… It *is* attractive, but I also would like to know how *practical* it is. As beautiful as this photo is I need to know if I’d get this for myself (if I

Another awesome studio apartment.

There’s a few things that make me like it, mostly things that are laid in opposition to the standard house. Your average house is an agglomeration of painted drywall boxes. Sometimes the boxes are a little longer. Sometimes the boxes are a little wider.