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garden edging ideas

Landscape Edging Ideas That Will Transform Your Garden

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Have you always wanted a beautiful garden in your property? For many people, the thought of a beautiful house conjure up images of a well taken care of garden in front of the house, and white picket fences around it. Of course, aside from enhancing the appearance of your house, such a garden also adds value to your property. With proper garden edging, you can create a spectacular garden that can turn out to be a hangout area too. You can host barbecues and outdoor parties, and can also enjoy some quiet time with a nice book and a steaming cup of coffee! Sounds good? Take a look at the following garden edging ideas that will make you feel even better!

Brick Edging:

When you talk about landscape edging, many would suggest brick edging since this is the most common edging style. It is widely available, fairly inexpensive, and it also gives your garden a classic touch! Such a landscape designs requires obtaining bricks forced jointly securely with out causing almost any place among. To make certain that the sidewalk won’t heave or turn into uneven, you have to put the bricks on the bed connected with fine sand. Many people also place the bricks right above the soil so that it can be used as a mowing strip.

Cast Concrete Edging:

Concrete edging saves you the trouble of mowing, or at least lessens the space for mowing! The serpentine shape of the concrete edging creates a narrow winding path that leads up to your doorway. Uneven landscapes need to be made even for the path to have a smooth transition. When choosing the tiles on the path, you can combine different shades of tiles to create a unique look.

Rock Garden Edging:

Give your garden a natural look and feel with various shapes and sizes of rocks. These rocks even come in colors. So if you want to do something different, mix and match colored rocks instead of going for natural colored rocks. You will be adding life to the garden by adding these colored rocks. Large multicolored rocks can be used to create an informal style. These rocks can be placed in a winding pattern. When the sweet alyssum creeps over these rock barriers, it creates a lacy, scalloped look.

Flagstone Garden Edging:

Appropriate for cottages and country homes, the flagstone garden edging gives a sophisticated touch to a garden. When looking for landscaping stones and landscaping rocks, you will find a wide variety both in terms of colors and thickness. You can use these flagstones to coordinate or contrast with the plants in the garden. Flagstones can also be used for creating various types of stonework in the garden as well as in the house. Irregularly shaped, flagstones are durable items that are easy to fix in the yard.

Aside from these options, there are various other landscaping options including metal edging, cobblestone edging, edging with plants and so on. so if you are planning to give your garden a makeover, call a designer and see what kind of garden edging would look the best in your front yard!

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