Houseplants and Artwork

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Translation. Correct me if I’m wrong, hablantes nativos.

It’s a small subterranean home of two levels of 9x9m rooms, excavated under a small garden of the little house. It has excellent zenithal light across five 2x2m skylights, and en it you can enjoy absolute silence and excellent temperature all year without needing air conditioning or a heater. The top floor is in the shape of an “L”, and by turning the 4.5×4.5m corner into the 9x9m room, it creates a double height of 7m through which the excellent zenithal light descends. The garden’s ivy plant search for the evening light and the heat, and they convert the interior into a pleasant subterranean garden.

In the lower floor you find the studio, and in the first floor are the living and sleeping areas. All the light and ventilation enter through the double height space at 4.5×4.5, with the only light control coming from shutter blinds, the rest is made from the thermal inertia of the ground.

For being the home of a brilliant architect, the first surprise of the cave is that it’s hidden. To be more discrete would be impossible. It’s buried at seven meters by picks and spades–machines can’t enter the garden. The architect called it his first “hellscraper”, in contrast to skyscrapers. He likes word games, the “Beautiful Arts” are “Rubbish Arts”, and when en his chaotic discourse diverges, he throws the blame on an imagined windowsill, because of Alzheimers….

…There he received Higueras, looking like an old sailor, bearded and dreadful. It was his place of isolation, but also of diversion (he bragged of having shot more than 2,000 pornos). There isn’t a space on the walls. Novels from floor to ceiling, Antonio López paintings, [Eduardo] Chillida sketches… Mementos of his friends, Gloria Fuertes, César Manrique, Saura o Soledad Lorenzo….

…”talent in architecture is 20%, the remaining 80% is knowing how to sell, speaking with pretension, in a manner that people barely understand you and think you’re very interesting. I have a 21% talent and negative 3% of knowing how to sell”…

…The most entertaining things against [the architect] Le Corbusier: “Despite being the bad architect that he was, he’s been the first modern art propagandist, because for every work he published five booklets; the only person with similar talent who sold more is Julio Iglesias.”

The “more is less” style of [architect] Miles van der Rohe was silly clutter, and the Centro Pompidou [building] became ass backwards (?).

I would like to be able to upload the video from the conference that Fernando Higueras held in the Territorial College of Architects en Alicante, as well as all the conference video, but one day they began to put them on the internet, but they remained in the top three.

A two story house, of 81m squared on the bottom floor and 62m squared on the main floor, 140m squared total. With a double height and with bothering the neighbors. The expenses of heat and air conditioning very controlled, despite the insurance spent on lights. I would sign anything to be able to have a house like that tomorrow, although the cell phone coverage would be shit and you’d have to use a land line and a good wifi router.

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The author of the blog post also links to [this]( article in El País, which has a pretty cool photo where you can see both floors of the house.

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