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Led Lighting in The Garage

Awesome Benefits of Upgrading to Led Lighting in The Garage

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There was a time when incandescent light bulb was popular and widely used by the customers. These types of bulbs are manufactured in wide ranges depending upon on the voltage ratings, which range from 1.5 volts to 300 volts. The most common area for the uses for this bulb is cars, household, factory etc. But, despite its popularity I had its own drawbacks. First and the most important one is it doesn’t allow saving as they are expensive compared to other light bulbs also the different lighting color options were not given to the customers. However, with the change in time and advancement in the technology the scenario has change with a period of time. Now a days people’s taste in blub and lights is shifted from incandescent bulb to Led lights.

What is LED light?

Led (light-emitting diode) are made from material gallium arsenide phosphide and it is semi-conducting in nature. The ranges of colors available in Led lights are diverse. Here the current is passed in one direction only unlike traditional blubs. It helps save electricity.

Benefits of Led light


The most significant advantage of led lights is its long lasting use and stretched life spam. The average led light can last from 50,000 to 1,00,000 operating hours. The life span of led light is 40 times more compared to incandescent bulb.

Energy Efficient

Led lights have become so much popular in a short period of time because of its ability to consume less amount of power. Unlike traditional light like incandescent bulb which consumes high amount of energy.


The most hazardous fact about light is emission of heat. However, led light barely emits heat. Whereas the incandescent bulb converts 90 percent of the energy into heat. And only 10 percent of the energy is used for light. Therefore, Led light are safer for the use.

Small physical space

biggest reason for Led light being widely used in computers circuits to traffic light is there small physical form. Its small size makes it possible for use in any electrical appliances without any problem.

Very low voltage

Due to its operation on very low voltage current is most favorable for outdoor lightings. It can work on less current but this doesn’t change its effect or its brightness.

Safe for the Environment

Led lights does not harm environment in any way. Traditional lights contains mercury inside the bulb with requires special attention and also affect its life spam. No such problem of mercury exists in Led lights.

The most common function of Led lights is to spread brightness by beating darkness. And when it comes to darkness what can be darker than a Garage. Every household have garage where they store their excess things which are not used frequently or things which are used frequently.

Since garage are always located in one of the corners of the house it requires light so that one can easily go through it and see what he/she is looking for. And when it comes to lighting what’s better than led lights. The traditional lights are not good enough for the garage and there are number of benefits of upgrading to LED lighting in the garage.

Benefits of upgrading to LED lighting in the garage

Garage as soon as the word is mentioned the image of darkness is formed in our mind because garage is always congested in space and situated at one corner or in the basement of the house where lighting is mandatory. Some of the most important things are stored in garage it can be anything. If traditional bulb is used in the garage not only it will provide less brightness also it will result in using of more power and emission of heat by the blub which is not safer to environment. However, if the traditional bulb is changed with Led lights then all these problem of light, power and environment is solved. Led bulb will provide the sufficient among of brightness which help in saving time, as things are vivid and can be easily be located. Not only it will help in easy recoginsation of things it will also help in making way for the person as he/she will she more clearly and avoid obstacles in the path. Some of the best Led garage lights are Hyperikon LED high Bay Light Fixtue, French May Linkable LED Garage Light, Prime Lights T8 LED HighBay Lights etc.

Therefore, if you want your garage to shine bright like a diamond then switches from traditional lights to LED lights. Now only your garage which will shine along with it you will save energy and protect the environment.

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