Liveaboard barge in Paris

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Well I won’t go into details about being underway, too much and mostly depends on what type of voyage you take. (work, travel, vacation) So I’ll just talk about why living on a barge sucks.

For starters that room is all the personal space you have. Anything you need to have aboard has to fit in that little room, and in the spaces provided (cabinets, lockers, etc) which is very small. Everything you bring that won’t fit there has to be secured for sea. That bed looks that way because it won’t have a chance of sliding out and destroying things around it or killing someone. That desk is probably bolted into the ground.

The room itself is very neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing but that’s about it. All you CAN have is a bed and desk. If we’re talking about what sucks on living on a barge/boat then here’s a small list:

– You can only do your laundry on assigned days, times, and using “grey” water. (You can’t exactly use drinking water to wash your clothes)…that’s if you’re lucky enough to have laundry machines on board, otherwise you have to store dirty clothes until you can wash it.*

– All bathrooms are public and if broken, stay broken for a while. Ship’s plumbing put a couple of things ahead of bathroom privileges which uses the same steam and pipes. Drinking water, engine water (which turns to steam to power other necessities), and (depending on what kind of ship you’re on) firefighting water/plumbing takes priority.

– Ships are constantly dirty and require daily cleaning to make sure shit doesn’t pile up. Mildew is really common since condensation of steam powered operations happen constantly. So while it might be nice to live on a barge/boat, you will have chores to do to make sure it stays clean/nice/tidy

– The only entertainment you can have are movies, computer games, or books. Most barges don’t have internet and very few have shitty wifi.

– Any storm requires work to secure everything loose in place. If not shit flies everywhere and there will be property damage. That means EVERYTHING that isn’t bolted down (silverware, plates, pots, food in the freezer/fridge, books, etc.)

– SOME ships/barges have many decks and thick hulls which makes reception inside it impossible. If you’re inside the boat you will have minimal reception unless very close to a window. The steel surrounding you blocks a lot of it.

– the constant motion blows. If the seas are rough good luck trying to do much aboard. It’s fun at first (or sickening) but it gets old when you’re trying to take a shower and the water is spilling about on the ground that you have to mop up later to avoid mildew from forming up

This is some of the stuff. Mostly the worst part are your shipmates. You have to put up a lot with their hygiene and shit. If one of them isn’t on the same page you can’t really do anything about it, if they make a mess its also your mess. If they break something, they broke something that you also use. if they get sick, you get sick. Ships are really communal because of how much you have to share and rely on your shipmates for shit.

hope that answers it, I could always clean this up later. If you have any question about it and stuff just ask. Personal boats/yachts and stuff are great, but require a lot of maintenance. Barges and such blow.

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